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Jeopardy! contestant praises Ken Jennings in front of Mayim Bialik

A JEOPARDY! contestant praised Ken Jennings as she told an anecdote to Mayim Bialik tonight.

Ken and Mayim are currently battling it out to be named as the show’s new permanent host.


As tonight’s host Mayim, got to know contestant Li-Mae McClellan , she uncovered an interesting anecdote about the law student from St Louis, Missouri.

The Big Bang Theory alum asked: “You had a career change a few years ago, and did it have something to do with Ken Jennings?”

Li-Mae revealed: “It was at a time in my engineering career, I was a little disillusioned, maybe looking for an exit

“And I just happened to read an article where Ken said he was so glad he got Jeopardy because he wanted an exit from his career.”

Ken previously worked as a softwarer engineer before his rise to fame on the game show.

The contestant continued: “And he was ‘so desperate’ he considered law school.

“And I thought ‘well maybe I’ll go to law school.’”

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