How the Microsoft MS-900 Exam Helps You Start a Great Career in Cloud Computing?

In today’s professional world, cloud computing is among the most demanded and promising fields. It’s a career domain that’s growing rapidly as many organizations globally have already taken their space on the cloud. This post shows you how the Microsoft MB-210 test can help you start a career in cloud computing. Read on to get more understanding of the career prospects that you will open after passing this exam.

How Exam Helps in Starting a Cloud Computing Career

There is a variety of job profiles related to cloud computing wherethe MS-900 test offers a strong foundation. They include Microsoft 98-349, Solutions Architect, and Cloud Security Engineer, among others. Here’s how this certification exam helps you in starting a great cloud computing career:

  • You earn the relevant accreditation

Passing the Microsoft MS-101 validates your credibility in the specific field. After acing this test, you will be awarded the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals accreditation that you can use as proof of your proficiency. This means you will gain a competitive edge over non-certified peers, therefore, granting you better opportunities related to career growth.

The steps you need to go through to get certified include testing. You’ll undergo an evaluation bearing 40 to 60 questions and costing $99. The process takes 45 minutes and comprises various types of questions. There could be active screen, build lists, best answer, case studies, Microsoft 70-767, and others. With marks starting from 700, you become eligible for the designation.

With the Azure-based certification, your resume will look better and more appealing to employers and hiring managers. Being noticed helps you land a good job within the cloud industry even if you’re just initializing your career.

  • Creates awareness around cloud technology

Building a cloud career demands that you start somewhere. The first task is to become aware of what cloud technology is all about before you can advance with learning. Get to know how the technology works and how it meets the requirements of your organization.

The Microsoft MS-202 evaluation also offers you a chance to review the benefits of cloud computing services. This includes less IT costs, scalability, and flexibility. You can use the opportunity to do your own research and discover more about the solution.

  • You understand the basics of cloud computing

The evaluation is specific to Microsoft Azure and this is a chance to explore its basics. The MS-900 evaluation aims to equip the learners with a foundational-level awareness concerning cloud services and the SaaS cloud model. By preparing and taking this test, you will learn how to deal with cloud concepts, core Microsoft 365 services & concepts, security, privacy, compliance issues and trust, and Microsoft 365 pricing & support. These basics will help you develop the proper foundation for your career pathway so that you can attain your professional goals.


With the high demand for cloud experts, picking this field as a career option is a wise decision. The Azure space is becoming more and more popular among the companies, meaning you can develop a successful profession out of it. Use the Microsoft PL-300 evaluation as a starting point and keep learning to become a sought-after cloud specialist!

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