The Real Reason ’SW’ Fans Hate Robyn & When They Turned On Her?

Many Sister Wives fans have a particular distaste for Robyn Brown. She came into the family during the show’s first season and the entire family had to adjust to having another wife and more kids.

Several viewers think that Robyn is sweet when she first makes her appearance on the show. So when do viewers start to sour on her and why?

Keep reading to see what some viewers on the internet had to say.

Sister Wives fans discuss their true feelings about Robyn Brown

Some Sister Wives fans weren’t even willing to give Robyn a chance when she first stepped on the scene. Many viewed her as the “outside threat” in the family. And it definitely seems like she upset the family dynamic when she moved in. But other fans liked Robyn at first and soured on her over time.

What caused their distaste for Robyn?

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“A lot of people in the subreddit seem to have negative opinions about Robyn,” one Redditor asked online. “I just finished season 11 and I’m curious if the opinion began to change in the later seasons?”

One viewer added that it seemed like the dynamic really shifted when Meri chose to legally divorce Kody so he could marry Robyn legally instead. He wanted to adopt Robyn’s older children, but couldn’t unless they were legally married.

“For me, it was when she expected to be in the rotation before she was married,” someone else added. “She only cared about her and her kids. Meri reminded her that it was an adjustment for everyone. IMO Robyn didn’t care. Huge 🚩”

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The divorce really seems to be the turning point for fans

In other Reddit threads, some Sister Wives fans expressed discontent with Robyn for her attitude. They really don’t care for the way she handled the divorce between Kody and Meri.

“Robyn is sooooo heartless to Meri during the whole divorce thing!” a Redditor wrote in another thread. “All Meri has over the other wives is being the ‘legal’ wife. She does this very selfless thing for Robyn and her kids, and Robyn is so condescending and b*tchy to Meri for being emotional about it.”

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This Reddit thread really seems to back up fans’ opinions in the other Reddit thread. Many Sister Wives fans really believe the divorce is the turning point and when they began to sour on Robyn. If you think so too, leave your opinions in the comments.

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