‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 4 Premiere Recap- June 6

Last season on Seeking Sister Wife, two new couples were introduced, the Merrifields and the Joneses. They seemingly did not have much luck with their first go-round. Now they are back to try again. Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield started their polygamy journey with Roberta last season. However, it appears that too much time has elapsed since they have seen her so they are back on the market with Bert still somewhere in the picture. As for the Tosha and Sidian Jones, they explored what was out there but it was always a miss. Luckily, they have connected with someone new and are excited to explore that. Three additional couples are joining them for this ride so it is now time for the Season 4 premiere.

The Davis Family Is Seeking Sister Wife

April, Nick, and Jennifer are the first family up and Nick, 38 has been interested in polygamy for about fifteen years. April, 36 says he is a lot to handle in all aspects and it is great to have someone else help out. She met him in college and they have been together for around fourteen years. April did not know anything about this lifestyle but she met Jennifer, 24, and introduced her to Nick. They have been together now for a little over four years. Jennifer and April worked together and got along super well and Nick helped to welcome Jennifer. Since they could not all legally get married, April and Jennifer got married. Yet they all changed their names to “Davis” to reflect their dedication to Nick and the family.

April admits she has lost family members because of her life choices but she’d rather be happy. They all share a bed but it’s actually to save space though they do love to be with Nick. Intimacy occurs whenever they feel like it and there is no set schedule. However, it is one-on-one never together. April has a son, William, and Nick has been in his life since he was six months old. He is used to this lifestyle. Nick is a stay-at-home dad and in their household, the women are the breadwinners.

The Merrifields Return

Dannielle, 32, and Garrick, 38 have been together for fifteen years but they started searching for a third four years ago. They have two sons, Solomon and Geremiah and their sons know all about their lives. Garrick believes that God led them to polygamy and they want to have a big family with a lot of children. He lost his whole family when they made this decision and kicked them off of the property. They are now living in seemingly an RV. Roberta is not there yet and it has been a struggle to get her over from Brazil. Dannielle has sacrificed her marriage for this lifestyle and she admits to a lot of jealousy.


To change that, she has prayed and fasted to combat every negative thought. About a year ago, they met up with Roberta for a non-legal commitment ceremony in Mexico. Now it’s been over a year since they’ve seen her yet her visa was recently approved however her mom is sick. The moment she arrives, they will start the babymaking game again. To prepare, they have started to build a bigger home, and Dannielle’s parents will have their own apartment. In a twist, Dannielle approached Garrick about finding a third wife. She wants someone to hang out with during times when Bert is with Garrick but Bert does not like this idea at all.


They recently met Lea on social media. She is from California and is very artistic. Lea is also a nurse and has been in a plural relationship prior. She understands what is required by this lifestyle so they are thinking about traveling to go meet her. They want to see what could happen and are not willing to wait on anyone any longer.

Meeting The Foleys On Seeking Sister Wife

Steve, 42, and his high school sweetheart had been married for twelve years. His first wife and he were LDS but he never thought of taking on another wife mainly because it was for religious purposes. Then they met Brenda, 38 and he reiterates that it is not glorified cheating. He met her eight years ago while he was with his wife and they all started talking. It soon became a ‘throuple’ organically. Ultimately, all of the negativity led his wife to leave which was really hard. He thought that they were happy and it appeared that not all parties were. Now, Steve and Brenda are courting April because they want to continue this lifestyle.


April has been in their life for six months and she is twenty-one. She considers Brenda a really good friend but when asked about Steve, she starts to blush. Brenda is worried about the age difference because she does not know how she will age. As for April, she is worried about Brenda’s feelings but they all get along super well. Brenda does not feel a deeper connection just yet with April so it may not work out. That may be a hard pill for Steve to swallow.

Back With The Davis Family, Off To Cali With The Merrifields

They are actively seeking a third sister wife and are dating Danielle, 22. She apparently has an old soul and a skeptical mind but Nick also likes how cute she is. This is the first one-on-one date Nick is going on with her and the wives are excited as they want it to progress. There are no rules when it comes to intimacy but Nick likes to withhold himself. Once he picks up Danielle, he wants to know where this is progressing to. This is not an open relationship, it is serious and he wants it to be seen as such. He also does not want to ruin the family collectively.


The Merrifields drove to Cali from Colorado to meet Lea, 30. It is also their anniversary so this is a double trip. He is worried Lea will be too tall for him as he is just 5’8 but she could be amazing. Bert is now the insecure and jealous one but Lea fell into their laps. They go get her from the airport and immediately run and hug her. She is full of light but Garrick is fixated on her height. Lea thinks he is so handsome and they are all shaking. She comes from a plural family so she tried it but it was not a success however she really likes it a lot mainly because it is all she knows. Dannielle thinks they should video chat with Bert but it could be rough.

Looks like there will be a lot of testing the waters this season. What did you think of the new couples and of Lea? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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