Blood & Treasure: Season Two; CBS Drama Finally Returning But Moving to Paramount+, Season Three Looks Unlikely

(Photo: Philippe Bossé/CBS)

After a three-year absence, the Blood & Treasure series is returning for a second season. Unfortunately for CBS viewers, the drama isn’t coming back to the network.

An action-adventure series, the Blood & Treasure TV show stars Matt Barr, Sofia Pernas, Oded Fehr, Michael James Shaw, Katia Winter, James Callis, Alicia Coppola, and Mark Gagliardi. The story centers on an antiquities expert named Danny McNamara (Matt Barr) and art thief Lexi Vaziri (Pernas) who join forces to trap a terrorist. As Danny and Lexi travel the world, hot on the tail of their target, they become embroiled in an ancient conflict.

The show premiered in May 2019 and the first season ran for 13 episodes. It was a middle-of-the-road performer for CBS and averaged a 0.41 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 3.65 million viewers.

The series was renewed for a second season in June 2019 and Paget Brewster was cast in the new season in January 2020. Production was underway on new episodes but had to be shut down due to the pandemic in March. The series was cleared to resume filming in September 2020 and was supposed to return to CBS for the 2021-22 season.

That didn’t happen and now, it’s been reported that season two of Blood & Treasure is moving to Paramount+ as an exclusive. A reason for the change hasn’t been revealed but one might guess that the execs feel too much time has passed between seasons for a network return. Subscribers of the streaming service can already catch up.

It also doesn’t help that a third season renewal looks unlikely. The players’ contracts surely lapsed long ago and Barr has been cast in the lead role of Walker: Independence, the recently ordered prequel series to Walker on The CW.

The second season of 13 episodes of Blood & Treasure launches on July 17th on the Paramount+ streaming service.

What do you think? Do you remember watching the Blood & Treasure Tv series on CBS in 2019? Does it bother you that season two is going to be a Paramount+ exclusive?

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